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Impact Report — First Annual Provider Education Seminar Series

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IMO launched its first annual provider education seminar series held in six cities across our Texas network including El Paso, Houston, McAllen, San Antonio, Austin and Dallas. The theme of these sessions was “Advanced Quality Care — Advanced Quality Impact”.  We want to personally thank the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP), the University of Texas System (UTS), and the State Office of Risk Management (SORM) for hosting these events and graciously working with us in the planning and implementation process. In addition, sincere gratitude to the Physical and Occupational Therapists, PAs/NPs, Treating Doctors, Specialists, Carriers and Employers who attended making this effort highly successful.

Our provider partnerships are critical and this is one piece of the overall puzzle. Carriers who know their employees and have jobs for them to return to, the Third Party Administrator (TPA) who administrates the claims — we are one team. The managed care component must be intimately involved with the process of the claim, medical bills, and the utilization of medical throughout the phase of recovery.  Adhering to rules and regulations common to the demand of a network is also one of our highest priorities.

Furthermore, IMO is a circle of care for the injured employee and our collaboration of how we respond and provide customer service directly impacts the end result. We held this seminar series because communication with our providers is important to us. The satisfaction of the injured employees’ experience is the goal in mind.

The State of Texas has 30 Certified Networks. IMO organically has grown its network and has direct credentials and contracts with providers on a very select basis. Nominations come from various sources, including case managers, historical data, adjusters, employees, and carriers.  Sometimes nominations are submitted by treating providers who have the common goal of continuity of care.

Engaging in a full commitment to learn together, grow together and make each other accountable, we strive for positive results. With common ground, efficiencies, processes and assessment surface so the best health care for our injured employees’ and all those we serve remain at the forefront of conversation.

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