Industry Care Programs

Uniquely Designed by Employer.

IMO works hand-in-hand with employers to both prevent and manage occupational injuries. Our industry care programs embody the importance of human relations, health, wellness and safety. 

small man logoOn-site Occupational Medical Programs
small man logoErgonomic / Work Assessments
small man logoEarly Intervention and Stay at Work Initiatives 
small man logoJob Site Analysis
small man logoEmployee Education, Safety and Injury Prevention

Early intervention programs are utilized by employers as an instrumental cost containment tool with proven results and significant bottom line savings.

Powerful Partnerships

Good Will PictureIMO has partnered with Goodwill Industries of Dallas since 2004. We ensure a safe and healthy work environment for employees is maintained through efforts such as an on-site nurse and clinic, quarterly “Stuck on Safety” programs, monthly “Take 10” educational courses and warehouse/store assessments. Strong injury intervention solutions and an on-site presence have resulted in effective outcomes. To read more, please visit our IMO Blog.