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IMO & Goodwill Industries of Dallas Celebrate 7 Years

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Photo of Goodwill employeeIn Fall 2011, Goodwill Industries of Dallas is celebrating a seven year partnership with Injury Management Organization, Inc (IMO) for its on-site clinic. Dedicated to providing safety and wellness programs, occupational health services, and utilizing a licensed full-time nurse, Goodwill’s efforts in each of these areas are recognized and appreciated by its community.

Meoni, a Goodwill employee is one of many who have been personally impacted. “I now realize how important it is to take care of my health and appreciate the nurse’s efforts in preventing accidents by walking through the warehouse daily.” Encouraging early treatment and educating staff through new employee orientation sessions are two integral components making on-site industry care programs successful.

Janette W. (see picture), Goodwill’s On-Site Care Coordinator and nurse is employed by IMO and has over 15 years of experience in disability management and Workers’ Compensation. Day-to-day she treats and evaluates minor injuries, spearheads monthly “Take Ten for Safety” classes, completes daily warehouse evaluations, and organizes quarterly store, driver and ADC staff initiatives.

Serving and transforming lives through wellness and resources is a top priority for Goodwill’s clinic. Ensuring this mission is met, monthly topics such as diet / exercise and assessments are available. This September, over 60 Goodwill employees completed blood sugar and diabetes screenings provided by U.S. Healthworks.

With safety as a focus, Letitia, a Goodwill staff member agrees that prompt first aid is key. “Though most injuries are minor, the on-site clinic has proven to be so successful in keeping our job injuries low, which has an overwhelming impact on our productivity and delivery rate.”

For more information on IMO’s industry care programs please contact Rachael C. Capua at 877.742.4477 ext. 120 or

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