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Position Opening for On-Site Care Coordinator

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picture of key on puzzle piecesIMO Position Opening for On-Site Care Coordinator

Oversee the management of an on-site clinic (located in the south Dallas area). Please see specific qualifications listed below: 

1. Ensure that all necessary supplies are in stock in order to ensure delivery of services
2. Provide First Aid and complete required forms per client specification – CPR certified at instructor level
3. Assist with the initial process of intake and investigations of recordable and non-recordable injuries
4. Work with supervisors / managers in ensuring injured employees are provided the necessary reasonable accommodations with appropriate transitional work plans in place
5. Oversees billing process per protocols of specific clients
6. Provide wellness programs and participation with injury prevention programs
7. Demonstrate abilities, skills and knowledge of case management protocols, guidelines, and roles in regards to working with employees and clients
8. Requires a LVN, LPN, RN, PT, or OT license with either a bachelor’s degree or associates degree
9. Requires at least 5 years of direct experience in a medically related field

If interested in above position, please email your resume to Thank you!

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