We’re more than a vendor,
we’re a partner.

Injury Management Organization, Inc. (IMO) is a managed care company serving private and public employers, nonsubscribers, insurance carriers and third party administrators. We’re more than a vendor, we’re a partner.

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Vision. Direction. Results.

Injury Management Organization, Inc. (IMO) delivers managed care services with a culture of excellence, premier customer service, and reliable outcomes.

The IMO Mission Statement

To provide quality managed health care services, emphasizing integrity, expertise and teamwork while being a servant to each other and those we serve.


Client Testimonials


The IMO Case Managers and the Medical Specialty Physician Network for our Texas Nonsubscriber Programs provides excellent experience and premier customer service.
— Rooms to Go, Nonsubscriber


Injury Management Organization provides excellent service, with a true focus on clients. Their Client Services team stays astute to the ever changing laws of the worker compensation system and continually delivers updates regarding their area of expertise. Over the years, IMO has proven time and time again to be a proactive cost containment company with fresh ideas and the flexibility to meet our needs.
— Director of Risk Management, Richardson Independent School District


San Antonio ISD has procured the services of IMO for cost containment and case management since 2006. During these years IMO has consistently saved the District over 65% for medical bill review and pre-authorization.  Their case management services have been crucial in assisting us to better manage and control cases where case management intervention was necessary in order to better assist the claimant’s needs or the district’s concerns regarding the claimant’s medical and/or return to work status.
— Former Director of Benefits, Risk Management & Safety, San Antonio Independent School District


IMO is a strategic partner with a personal, hands on approach that is a perfect fit for THIE.  Their dedicated staff is friendly, knowledgeable and helpful to our workers’ compensation team.  IMO’s exceptional services provide an effective safeguard for our company.  THIE looks forward to a long and prosperous business relationship with IMO.
— Claims Manager, Texas Hospital Insurance Exchange


As a former Director of Risk Management and client of IMO for over 12 years, I highly recommend their Medical Case Management, Bill Review, Medical Network Management and Utilization Review services. Over the years I evaluated other case management firms, however, none could compare to IMO’s outstanding service and competitive pricing.
— Nonsubscriber, Manufacturing Industry


IMO has helped us achieve our goal of quality medical care for our claimants and has also helped us get the best prices for this care.  IMO staff are always cooperative and willing to help in any way.  IMO has increased our savings and raised our rating with the State of Texas.
— Executive Director, Deep East Texas Self Insurance Fund


IMO has been a valued asset to our self-administered workers’ compensation program. They have consistently produced savings to the plan and provided mandated utilization review aligned with our goals. The IMO staff is very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. With their assistance, the District honed practices and procedures that increased savings to the plan and more importantly, services to our employees.
— Former Director of Benefits and Risk Management, School District


IMO is a vendor that knows the meaning of “above and beyond.” The knowledge base that I have come to rely on heavily for our self-insured workers’ compensation program is tremendous. I very much appreciate the thoroughness and timeliness given to each request I put before them. Their resources at my disposal make the difference in the overall efficiency and effectiveness of our program and its cost savings. Thank you, thank you, thank you, doesn’t begin to describe the trust and comfort level I have for their dedication to exceptional customer service.
— Risk Manager, Irving Independant School District


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