The HCN Story

IMO hosted its first Health Care Network Story introduction on Thursday August 24, 2018 at our IMO Plano Office.  IMO showcased our clients, the City of Dallas and The University of Texas System. The purpose was to bring awareness of our Health Care Network (HCN-1305) and discuss the network benefits as an educational forum for other public entities. Our President and CEO, Catherine Benavidez, relayed our historical and original launch to how IMO organically developed a certified network with over 6800 providers serving the Texas market of more than 350k Texas lives. Our guest speakers, Brent Holman from UTS and Brent Cox from the City of Dallas, provided great insight demonstrating the benefits, challenges and opportunities of being in a Health Care Network with IMO the IMO Med-Select Network. Stories extended to the audience described the opportunities of their personal transition into the IMO Network. The savings and encouraging feedback from their employees positively reinforced their decision in joining the IMO Med-Select Network with scalable and positive outcomes. Throughout this session numerous other topics were discussed, such as House Bill 7, IMO’s mission and intent, TDI report cards, 1305 network vs. a 504 network, savings and measurable outcomes achieved when moving into a network environment. IMO offers a variety of managed care services with and separate from the network, which are utilized today as an advocate metric to outcomes and the return on the network investment. 

To learn more about the IMO Med-Select Network, connect with us at Injury Management Organization, Inc or 877- 742-4477, ext 113.


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