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2021 Workers’ Compensation Network Report Card

2021 Workers’ Compensation Network Report Card

Injury Management Organization (IMO), the only independently owned network, has spent the last 30 years developing a comprehensive healthcare network that enables clients to control medical costs without sacrificing outcomes.

When choosing a healthcare network for your business, municipality or organization, it can be tempting to go with the network with the lowest medical costs. But focusing solely on costs ignores important performance metrics like return-to-work rate and functional status scores. It’s a challenge for a healthcare network to deliver high quality healthcare at a reasonable cost, however in 2021 IMO did just that with the lowest average medical costs for lost-time claims. We found that selecting the best healthcare providers for our network is the gateway to the best value.


The return-to-work rate for the IMO Med-Select Network® was 96% — tied for second highest among all network and non-network claims — and held a rate 12 percentage points higher than non-network.

In addition, IMO held the highest mental functioning score among all 1305-network and non-network claims, as well as the second highest average physical functioning score among all network and non-network claims.

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