Injury Management Organization

Founded in 1991, Injury Management Organization, Inc. (IMO) is a managed care company serving public and private employers, nonsubscribers, insurance carriers and third party administrators. Taking quality and client satisfaction seriously, our focus is driven by provider relationships, employee engagement and measurable outcomes.

We are a trusted managed care partner for both private and public enterprise with vast experience in quality case management and positive injured employee outcomes. For over three decades our goal has been to provide industry leading customer service to our industry partners and their injured employees — a goal that has allowed IMO to grow from Texas into multiple other states including Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, Colorado, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arizona, and New Mexico.

Servant Leadership

At IMO, we strive to provide quality managed care services emphasizing integrity, expertise and teamwork. Servant leadership is our foundation and it is our goal to represent these characteristics in all areas of business.


Catherine Benavidez
Catherine Benavidez

President & CEO

Lucy Dominguez
Lucy Dominguez

Chief Advisor

Donna Ramsey
Donna Ramsey

Vice President of Client Services

Sherry Brown
Sherry Brown

Senior Account Manager/Network Administrator

Rebecca Mitchell
Rebecca Mitchell

Director of Human Resources

Clerissa Hadley
Clerissa Hadley

Senior Account Manager/Business Development

Alfonso Mumford
Alfonso Mumford

Director of Operations, IT & Security

Latonya Henry
LaTonya Henry

Medical Bill Review Manager

Elizabeth Barnes
Elisabeth Barnes

Director of Case Management

Dr. Elizabeth Frenzel
Dr. Elizabeth Frenzel

Medical Director

Burnetta Brooks
Burnetta Brooks

Utilization Review Manager

Betsy Blackmon

Account Manager

Managed Care & Outreach Partners

Managed Care Partners

  • Third Party Administrators

  • Insurance Carriers

  • Brokerage

  • Legal Firms

  • Nonsubscribers
  • Higher Education
  • Municipalities

  • Counties
  • School Districts

  • Hospital/Health Care
  • PEO/Staff Leasing
  • Nonprofits
  • Construction

  • Retail and Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Restaurant/Grocery/Food Supply

Outreach Partners

SmartCat IMO Managed Care Software

SmartCat Managed Care Software®

SmartCat is a proprietary Medical Case Management Software Product developed by Injury Management Organization. SmartCat enables Telephonic and Field Case Managers to more effectively communicate and track the status of medical cases and injured employees’ medical records.

Lighthouse Resource Group

Lighthouse Resource Group®

Lighthouse Resource Group® operates under IMO to serve clients, acting as a business partner providing a strategic approach to business transformation that drives business results. Services include Strategy Development, Organization Effectiveness, Leadership Development and Talent Acquisition.

Diversity icon

Diversity, belonging, equity and community are the foundation and heart of our identity here at IMO. We are committed to express our values through our work.