D.C. Campbell


Previous to his joining IMO, DC was the Research Director of the Workers’ Compensation Research and Evaluation Group at the Texas Department of Insurance.  He has 22 years of workers’ compensation research experience, including research on major aspects of the Texas workers’ compensation system such as medical costs, pharmaceutical utilization trends, and network performance. He also has extensive experience collecting, analyzing, and reporting educational, banking, and military data. Campbell is a Marine Corps veteran.

DC studied at the University of Maryland and the University of Hawaii. He has a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Political Science and a master’s degree in Economics.  D.C. is a founding member of the CompStat Research Group.  He brings great experience to Injury Management Organization, Inc (IMO) as a dedicated consultant.  The development and expansion of the IMO Med-Select Network services, along with provider and network enhancements & performance are DC’s major focus areas.


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Catherine Benavidez

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