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IMO Med-Select Network® Directory Disclaimers

Choosing a Provider Type

Treating Doctors: The IMO Med-Select Network requires your treating doctor to be a physician chosen from the network directory and who is a licensed Medical Doctor (MD) or Doctor of Osteopathy (DO). Treating doctors’ primary service must be one of the following: Family Practice / Family Medicine, General Practice / General Medicine, Occupational Medicine, Internal Medicine or Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (in El Paso only).

Specialists: Your treating doctor must be the one to refer you to a specialist.

MMI / IR Physicians: Your treating doctor must be the one to refer you to a Maximum Medical Improvement and / or an Impairment Rating Physician.

Telemedicine: You may choose a Telemedicine Treating Specialty as your Primary Treating Doctor. There is no service area requirement for Telemedicine.

Network Service Areas

Main coverage areas include Austin, Houston, North Texas, San Antonio, El Paso, Corpus Christi, West Texas and the Valley. More information can also be found on the IMO Med-Select Network® page.

All providers listed in this directory are accepting new patients. IMO has made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this listing. However, changes may occur daily. We recommend that you confirm with the health care provider, prior to receiving services, that he/she is currently participating in the IMO Med-Select Network®. The network ensures access to a treating doctor or general hospital located within 30 miles of your residence if you live in a non-rural area or within 60 miles of your residence if you live in a rural area. The network also ensures access to a specialist or specialty hospital located within 75 miles of your residence if you live in either a non-rural or rural area. If you are unable to locate a provider on this list within the applicable distance, please contact the network at 888.466.6381.