IMO Managed Care® delivers the full suite of managed care services. Our clients include Nonsubscribers, Workers’ Compensation, General Liability, Group Health, Property and Casualty.
IMO Experience with Networks

IMO has the necessary expertise in the delivery of networks. From implementation to administration, we have demonstrated effective results the carrier can be confident with.

Return to Work

Working collaboratively with the employer at the onset of the injury is critical. IMO utilizes measurable tools and always encourages that safe and productive Return to Work benchmarks are met.

Quality Medical Care

We strive to provide intentional treatment care plans using evidence based guidelines such as the Official Disability Guidelines (ODG) and the Medical Disability Advisor (MDA).


IMO understands the importance of impacting through outcomes. The Division of Workers’ Compensation’s Performance Based Oversight (PBO) rates IMO clients at the high performing tier level.

Medical Case Manager

Each injured employee is assigned a Telephonic Case Manager and, if necessary, a Field Case Manager based on severity levels. Effective communication and prompt scheduling is guaranteed.