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Peer Reviews: A retrospective file review of medical treatment by a physician of like specialty that focuses on a single treatment or service rendered to determine reasonableness, medical necessity and relatedness to the compensable event. Impairment Rating Review, Rebuttal, Addendum, MRI Re-read and Medication Reviews are also available upon request.

Required Medical Examination (RME): The coordination and scheduling of a Carrier-Selected Required Medical Examination (RME) to evaluate  treatment and/or a Post DD RME to evaluate MMI and/or permanent impairment.

Designated Doctor Coordination: The coordination and scheduling of a DWC selected Designated Doctor Examination to determine MMI, impairment rating, ability of the employee to return-to-work, extent of the compensable injury, and or whether the employee’s disability is a direct result of the work related injury. Analysis letters can also be prepared upon request.

Independent Medical Examinations (IME): A review established for a nonsubscriber that allows an independent review of medical status and identifies a medical treatment plan.

Specialty Peer Review: A specialty peer review may be ordered when there is a cancer case requiring an extensive review of medical and causation.

Life Care Plan Review: A review of medical needs for an extended life expectancy. Usually referred to set reserves for a catastrophic case conducted by a licensed life care planner.


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