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IMO provides clients with Field, Telephonic, Vocational and Catastrophic Case Management services. All our case managers are professionally credentialed with an average of 12+ years’ experience in the industry.

Field Case Management: A bridge between the occupational and medical elements of an injury. The Field Case Manager focuses on the abilities of the injured employee while addressing continued medical needs. “Medical Management” versus “Medical Monitoring” is our focus.

Telephonic Case Management: An immediate medical triage process that allows the Case Manager to oversee medical status and progress. TCM is a preventive approach keeping cases from escalating and thereby reducing medical expenditures.

Vocational Case Management: Vocational rehabilitation is used to help the injured employee return to an existing job type or learn skills that enable him or her to perform a new job with modified duties.

Catastrophic Case Management: Once a catastrophic injury occurs, IMO takes immediate action in the referral process. Hospitalizations require extensive medical treatment needing essential communication and cost containment measures.


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