A Care Centered Approach.

IMO has been serving nonsubscriber clients since 1993. We are equipped, experienced, and accessible to meet the needs of our nonsubscriber partners.
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Nonsubscriber Customized Provider Panel

IMO’s relationship with providers is extensive and allows for custom provider panels to be built and customized for the nonsubscriber client. With over 8,000 Texas providers credentialed in the IMO Health Care Network, IMO is equipped to customize a panel for its clients to support a unique panel for nonsubscribers.

IMO manages custom nonsubscriber contracts and educates the providers to ensure the providers are aware of the special components of the nonsubscriber plans.

IMO’s Experience with Nonsubscriber Clients

Injury Management Organization, Inc. (IMO) has a multi-decade history in managed care — an original service provider since the inception of the nonsubscriber market. IMO assists clients with provider panel customization and recognizes the economic benefit of Work Injury/ERISA Plans, effective medical care and early intervention.

IMO’s mission in partnership with nonsubscribers is to closely and directly work with the employer in managing their injuries, their people and their costs. Our team focuses on proper utilization and support for injured employees. Current clients by industry type include retail, transit, healthcare, manufacturing, non-profits, food service and construction.

A Care-Centered Medical Management Model

Our custom approach to building a medical management model for nonsubscribers is critical to achieve early intervention at the onset of the injury and to ensure our selected medical providers follow the work plan established. We take pride in our strong reputation and the importance of effective outcomes and savings.

What Our Partners Say

— “We are connected as partners to ensure quality of case and cost effective outcomes.”

— “IMO brings knowledge with reliable results to our nonsubscriber program.”

— “IMO can use a medical director and advisors when necessary to triage and provide peer to peer reviews.”

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