SmartCat Managed Care Software

IMO’s first-class solution for helping the injured worker navigate the complex healthcare environment.

Helping an injured worker navigate the complex healthcare environment can represent a maze. With a wrong turn, an injured worker can end up with non-productive healthcare specialists and a protracted and expensive path that simply delays case resolution and can result in unnecessary procedures and surgeries.

The IMO SmartCat platform is a proprietary network software that tracks provider performance outcomes and compliance.  The software is integrated with the ODG by MCG allowing our Medical Case Managers to incorporate effective medical treatment protocols and productive return to work standards.

This software was organically grown by Injury Management Organization and developed to manage the health care and return to work through its injury recovery process.

The IMO Services that utilize our SmartCat software include our Health Care Network, Utilization Review Services, Full Medical Case Management services and ancillary services – such as medical peer reviews.

As an internally designed/proprietary system of IMO, SmartCat includes:

  • Field Case Management Portal

  • Case Management Portal

  • Utilization Review Portal

  • Ancillary Services Portal

  • First Report of Injury Portal

SmartCat software interfaces with client and partner software to enhance the sharing information and clarity of communication critical to effectively support both our clients and their injured employees.

We help companies accelerate injury treatment to find the quickest and safest path back to activity and the job.